Talkdesk agents

For customers and prospects in your contact center, agents are the voice of your company. Talkdesk’s goal is to equip those agents with the right tools to make those interactions as beneficial as possible. This all starts before a call is even made or received.

For agents making outbound calls, they can view Talkdesk information through an integration with the their CRM and view the call history of each contact, including call recordings and customer-provided Sentiment scores, before they place the call. This helps give the agent the right context so they can get the call started off on the right foot.

If agents are receiving inbound calls, Talkdesk’s screen pop provides a complete snapshot of the caller (including name, company, history and notes from previous calls) so the agent can pick up the phone with a personal greeting and tailor the conversation to that caller. With all this information available to the agent upfront, the caller doesn’t have to waste valuable time explaining their issues, they can get right to the heart of the matter. It makes the agents more efficient too, so they can get more done.

Once inside a call, agents can utilize Callbar, the fastest, most flexible way to handle Talkdesk calls. Callbar is a freestanding a web application that allows users to make and receive phone calls from anywhere on the desktop. It allows agents to flip through any number of open tabs while still keeping the call controls at the fingertips. It means the agent only has to worry about the conversation taking place and not how to keep all the important information in front of them. When a call ends, agents can log notes and a disposition directly into Callbar without having to navigate back to a specific tab, saving them extra time and effort.

Those agents can sort through any information about the caller or their company while still moving the conversation along and managing any in-call adjustments that need to be made. Callbar also utilizes Talkdesk’s click-to-call technology, meaning that any phone number on the web can simply be clicked to place a call to that number via Callbar.

Another way that Talkdesk helps agents is by giving them access to real-time metrics about their conversations. Since their eventual performance review is likely tied to specific metrics, the agents can track how they stack up through Talkdesk Live. These dashboards can be customized to display any agent-specific data that will help them do their job better.

Part of this Talkdesk Live overview can be Sentiment, Talkdesk’s new feedback system that enhances the traditional customer service metric, CSAT, with agent-input data called Mood. By using SMS to track CSAT, agents receive a higher percentage of CSAT scores, meaning a more accurate measure of how they’re performing on calls. With Mood, agents have an additional way to input their own information about a call while the conversation is still fresh.

Agents can also work with admins to minimize non-call work by creating automations that streamline routine manual processes. These automations allow agents to worry less about the minute details of a call and say more attention to the conversation at hand. It also means that they’ll have more time in a day to spend on calls with prospects and customers.

To top it all off, Talkdesk is always listening for agent feedback and releasing new product updates to make the experience even better. Unlike our competitors who update their product as infrequently as once or twice a year, Talkdesk release updates monthly, meaning agents never have to wait too long for new features.

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