Today’s customers make important buying decision in split seconds and companies need to utilize real-time contact center reporting to keep up. Talkdesk is perfect for the modern company that is looking to turn these live insights into a competitive edge.

Talkdesk Live comes with pre-built reports and also offers the functionality to build custom dashboards based on any company’s needs. These dashboards can display information on more than 15 contact center metrics in any desired time frame.

Since different Talkdesk users need different information, here’s a look at how admins, supervisors and agents can all use Talkdesk Live data in their daily routines:


Talkdesk admins can use Talkdesk’s real-time dashboards to stay up-to-date on high-level metrics that illustrate the team’s performance: wait time, speed to answer, abandonment rate, etc. This persona doesn’t need to get bogged down in what each individual agent is doing at all times, just how the team as a whole is performing at a given moment in time. To see how the team’s performance has changed over time, the admin could customize the time frame of the Talkdesk Live data and identify larger trends.

If any of the high-level metrics require more attention, Talkdesk admins can view more details on that information with ease. For example, if there are a high volume of abandoned calls, an admin could pull up a list of each of those calls to see if a simple fix could correct the problem.

If an admin is interested in making any large-scale changes to call center operations based on their analysis of the metrics, Talkdesk makes most changes as easy as the click of a button. For more complicated tasks like setting up an IVR or buying new phone numbers, Talkdesk has streamlined these processes so that admins can handle them through self service in a matter of just seconds. In just clicks, admins can turn observations from contact center reporting into tactics and processes that benefit customers.


Contact center supervisors have a lot to manage and Talkdesk Live offers some simple shortcuts to help with a lot of their work. The biggest help is that they can view the status of all their agents in one simple dashboard to stay on top of how each agent is spending their time. In one screen, supervisors can see how many agents are in any status at a given time, how long queues are, which ring groups are receiving the most traffic, how frequent certain call dispositions are occurring and much more.

Supervisors can use real-time metrics to adjust agent staffing during busy periods and make sure that the contact center is best suited to maximize customer satisfaction. Supervisors can move agents into different ring groups at any time to maximize their contact center’s ability to handle all incoming calls.

From the supervisor’s dashboard, they can also send real-time Slack messages to agents based on any of the information from that dashboard. It’s a very simple way to react to information on the fly and give agents the reassurance that if they run into any problems during a call, their supervisor can assist them in a moment’s notice.


The agents are the core of the contact center, they’re the ones who are in direct conversations with customers and prospects, so they’re in a position where real-time information can truly affect relationships. To start, Talkdesk agents answer the phone with a whole suite of contact center information available to them: how long the caller has been waiting, what IVR options they selected, information about that contact’s previous calls and more. These data let the agent answer the call prepared to handle any issue right away.

From a career view, Talkdesk Live helps agents keep an eye on any metrics that will be a part of their regular performance evaluations. If they are given access to view the right dashboards, agents can keep an eye on their important measurements and make sure they hit their goals.

These real-time metrics can be paired with Talkdesk’s call recording feature to train agents. They can listen to calls with their supervisor to identify what they’re doing right on successful calls and what is going wrong on unsuccessful ones.

Talkdesk’s live reporting is an important feature for any company looking to adapt to the modern customer. To learn more about it, click the link below and talk to a Talkdesk expert about how your company can use it.