San Francisco, CA — Talkdesk, the leader in cloud-based contact center solutions, today announced AppConnect, the first enterprise app store. The new app marketplace was designed with customers in mind at every step, giving contact center admins more power than ever to customize and manage their contact center technology.

AppConnect is the latest innovation in Talkdesk’s history of disruptive products. When the company was founded, Talkdesk offered the first 100% web-based contact center solution. A few years later, Talkdesk was the first contact center software to offer one-click integrations with business tools. With the release of AppConnect, Talkdesk is the first contact center solution to offer an enterprise app store that lets customer try, buy and manage contact center tools in a matter of minutes.

One of the biggest challenges brands face today is integrating new technologies into their contact center solution. Installation can be a lengthy, complicated process and even once the new solutions are installed, it can be difficult to integrate data between tools. Talkdesk’s vision was a streamlined experience that was as simple as the B2C app stores that consumers worldwide use to try and buy apps instantly.

“At Talkdesk, we will continue building solutions that empower our clients to be heroic in their customer interactions,” said Talkdesk Founder and CEO Tiago Paiva. “AppConnect makes it easier than ever for contact centers to discover, install, try, and buy new technology. We made this process as simple as possible, so companies can focus their time and energy on what’s most important: taking care of their customers.”

The vision for AppConnect was to prioritize the customer at every step. That resulted in three pillars that are common to every app available in AppConnect:

  • Free trial: Customers shouldn’t have to commit to a contract to see what a new solution can bring to their contact center. With a free trial, Talkdesk users can experiment with new tools and only purchase what they like.
  • One-click install: AppConnect offers call center admins a way to skip the long sales and installation processes and start gaining value out of the apps immediately.
  • Pay as you go: AppConnect contracts are simply added to the standard Talkdesk bill and can be modified at any time.

AppConnect’s initial offering includes 16 launch partners from established contact center solutions to new, innovative tools. Here’s a list of AppConnect’s launch partners:

  • Teleopti, Injixo – Workforce Management
  • Grow – Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Playvox – Quality Assurance
  • VoiceBase, TalkIQ, Verizon Instant Access, SimpleEmotion, Deepgram, VoiceOps – Voice AI / Analytics
  • Performetric, NomNom, Autoreach, TalkAlly, ProcedureFlow, ScreenMeet – Productivity

Talkdesk will continue to add new features to AppConnect over the coming months including Custom Pages, Dashboard Widgets, Advanced Developer Tools, Marketplace Insights and much more. For more information on Talkdesk and AppConnect, visit the AppConnect website.

About Talkdesk

Talkdesk is a next-generation, cloud-based contact center software that helps their customers deliver delightful customer service. Unlike legacy systems, Talkdesk can be quickly and easily deployed without phones, hardware or downloads. Talkdesk’s web-based interface provides robust, enterprise-level contact center functionality with advanced features, comprehensive reporting and seamless out-of-the-box integrations with 25+ business tools, including Salesforce, Zendesk, and Slack. Talkdesk empowers contact center managers to make data-driven decisions based on comprehensive information and contact center agents to have personalized, effective conversations with customers.

AppConnect, the first enterprise app store, expands Talkdesk’s contact center functionality to include integrations with new partners. These one-click integrations all offer free trial versions and can be managed on a pay-as-you-go plan after the trial. For more information, visit