customer experience

Today’s fierce competition for engaging and retaining customers requires that brands stay ahead of the curve and implement strategies that are ahead of their time. Merely covering the customer service basics won’t suffice; being forward-thinking is what matters.

It can be a real headache to stay up to speed, even with so many customer support channels, tools and so-called best practices available to choose from. Modern companies may feel like they are drowning in choice as they scramble to meet the needs of increasingly demanding customers. Fortunately, the business world has thought leaders who can help guide companies in taking proactive steps to ensure their customer experience in the future.

Here are a few predictions from today’s customer experience influencers:

1. Mobile support

Mobile phone usage is on the rise and not just for making phone calls. People use their phones for researching brands, purchasing goods and for contacting customer support. Today’s customers are using their mobile devices for nearly everything.

According to CX leader and speaker, Matthew Bowman, “Mobile technology encourages omnichannel communications by making it possible on one device to conveniently use chat, email, social media and voice while in the act of shopping or using a product or service.”

For this reason, Bowman suggests spending more time and effort in designing a customer experience that is optimized for mobile.

2. Consistency

With so many support channels, platforms, devices and apps available to users today, the challenge many companies face is offering a consistent experience throughout. A disjointed customer experience across platforms and support channels can be off putting for customers. Keep your messaging and processes consistent across the customer journey. Train support agents to follow a system and offer every customer the same excellent service.

CX leader and VP of the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, Diana Oreck, says “The number one way for any company to improve their service is to hard wire consistency into their operation and execute the basics flawlessly.”

3. The human touch

86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions (Source: Infosys). No matter how easy technology makes our lives, nothing beats the human touch in customer service. Customers are expecting a more personalized experience from brands, and the best way to do this is via the human touch. While automation can save time, save automated workflows for the backend, and give your customers the satisfaction that comes with being assisted by a real person.

Customer Champion, Greg Meyer says “Respond to customers with a human voice and not a bot – you decide if you want to call, type, chat, or send a care package – and you’ll get a more loyal customer.”

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