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The Customer Has the Most Important Contact Center Job

Contact Center Job

When you think about contact center jobs, you probably imagine people wearing headsets and answering calls in front of computer screens staring at call center software all over the world. These employees are the part of a company that is responsible for solving any problems that come up. When you think of people with contact […]

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Improving CSAT with Predictive Customer Service: Evaluating Channels

predictive customer service

When thinking about predictive customer service, the biggest question might not be what to say to customers, but which channels to use to increase customer satisfaction. This is ultimately not a question that any company can answer on its own. Since the majority of customer communication is reactive, it is actually the customer who chooses […]

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Improving CSAT with Predictive Customer Service: Product Knowledge

Predictive Customer Service

When it comes to customer satisfaction, it’s tempting to set reactionary goals: an ideal percentage of customer issues should be resolved within an ideal number of minutes or exchanges. This is a necessary part of any business and can appear to be the the best way to provide real value to buyers. In some ways […]

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Do You Have Enough Contact Center Jobs?

Contact Center Jobs

How many contact center jobs is enough? It’s something that plenty of companies struggle with. On one hand, it’s not acceptable to force customers to wait too long on calls because not enough agents are available. On the other, it doesn’t make sense to have agents sitting idly at their desks. One of the primary […]

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Every Job is a Customer Service Job

Customer Service Jobs

  If I named a company and asked what that company made, what would you say? There are a lot of ways to answer the question, but the first thing that comes to mind is probably a product, not the people who buy it. There’s a simpler answer to that question and it works for […]

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