Treat Customer Service Representatives Like Customers

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Every company has a team of customer service representatives who come to work every day and field customer calls. Their primary role is to speak with customers, giving them valuable insights into how your products are being used. Customer service representatives also have a unique ability to affect a customer’s opinion of a company. Those […]

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One Question Customer Service Agents Shouldn’t Ask

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Think about the most recent customer service call you were on. Do you remember the last question the agent asked you? The one right before they asked you to stay on the line for a quick survey. If it was something along the lines of “Have I fully resolved your issue today?” there might be […]

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Talkdesk Spotlight on: Sam Nelson

Talkdesk spotlight

Every once in a while, we like to celebrate some of the amazing people who make the Talkdesk team tick. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on Global Channel Manager Sam Nelson. She took the time to answer a few questions for the blog, so read on to find out more about one of Talkdesk’s best. […]

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Maintaining Customer Support Standards Through Growth

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Have you ever heard a story about a founder who framed his or her first dollar earned? It’s a little corny, but it’s an easy reminder that every company starts with just one dollar. That individual bill isn’t worth more than any of the other earned dollars, but the moment surrounding that first transaction was […]

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Meeting the Changing Demands of Retail Customers

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Today’s retail customers have so many opportunities to purchase and interact with products. They can visit brick-and-mortar locations, shop on the company website, purchase through third-party subscription box services, try, buy, rent, the list goes on. Every customer buys things their own way, but they’re all looking for the same thing: a shopping experience that […]

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