One of the most satisfying things about an innovative product like Talkdesk is that other innovative companies use our contact center platform and we get to watch them grow. We view our simple, smart product as a major competitive differentiator for our customers, so seeing them succeed is rewarding. It also presents us with the challenge of providing a contact center platform that can easily meet the demands of companies at all stages of growth.

Luckily, Talkdesk is built specifically for that purpose. A 100% web-based contact center can be used by any individual at any company as long as there’s a connection to the internet. Talkdesk also eliminates the need to use any specific hardware, meaning new users can be added in just a few clicks. Setup and expansion is as simple as it gets. When our customers add more headcount or even open new locations, we want Talkdesk to be the easiest part of that growth process.

In just five years, Talkdesk has advanced from its first customer to handling more than 100 million phone calls, currently at a pace of more than 300,000 per day. We’ve been through the journey that accompanies successful businesses and we want to make the same journey as simple as possible for our customers. Talkdesk is a company that has had success at scale, a perfect option for a company with plans to grow.

To that end, Talkdesk has maintained focus on providing unmatched uptime and call quality for all customers using our platform. As we have grown, we’ve maintained a focus on engineering, setting strict reliability and stability standards for our product. We now have six global data centers that allow customers to take advantage of our Global Low Latency architecture to optimize their call quality no matter where in the world those calls are being made or received. That GLL infrastructure allows all calls to travel the most direct regional route, resulting in fewer dropped calls and a minimal delay between the moment a word is spoken on one end of a call and heard on the other.

Legacy competitors, built on older systems and older hardware, need to be updated or patched to accommodate new technology, resulting in different customers using different versions of the product. Updating those tools can take a considerable amount of time and effort. Since Talkdesk is still a relative newcomer in the industry, it’s one of the only platforms that was built with all of the most modern cloud infrastructure in place. Talkdesk’s simple cloud-based contact center software updates for all customers at the same time with no additional effort required; all customers have easy access to the most up-to-date product offering.

On top of all of this, Talkdesk utilizes advanced voice quality analytics to evaluate our network and review data for each network, call, agent, IP address or location. This advanced information lets Talkdesk look at MOS score, Jitter, latency and more to help our customers keep their networks operating as smoothly as possible. All of this analysis is done internally, without any additional work for the customer.

If your company is planning to grow, your contact center isn’t something you should be worried about scaling. Talkdesk has a proven track record of making our product accessible and easy to manage for customers of all sizes across all industries. It’s crucial to that goal that the product remains simple to use.

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