From its founding, Talkdesk has differentiated itself from its competitors by focusing first and foremost on the end customer. We know that delivering brilliant customer interactions is how forward-thinking brands and companies foster meaningful relationships with their customers. Our north star has always been our customers’ customers, and we’re happy to announce that this mission has led to another innovation in the Talkdesk product: Sentiment.

What is Sentiment?

Sentiment is an innovative feedback system that helps support teams assess the customer experience. The purpose of Sentiment is to understand the customer on a whole new level: their satisfaction with their service experience, their emotional state and their experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Customer experience is a hard thing to measure, so contact centers have historically relied on other KPIs as a proxy: service level, wait time, abandonment rate, etc. However, these are all substitutes for the real thing. With Sentiment, the contact center has a direct KPI for the customer experience and can use that data to drive decision-making and measure success. Currently, Sentiment consists of two key elements: SMS CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and Mood.

Why collect CSAT through SMS?

Customer Satisfaction (or CSAT) is not a new concept; it is an established service metric that has been widely adopted for decades. CSAT is the basis for beginning to understand the customer. However, collecting CSAT data has always been a challenge and low response rates to CSAT surveys have been a big problem.

Talkdesk solves this problem by requesting CSAT feedback via SMS. By engaging the customer in a native, low-friction channel immediately after a call has concluded, we enable contact centers to gather the most accurate view of the customer’s experience and drive response rates as high as 40%! This astonishing level of feedback provides a new level of visibility and insight into the customer.

Below is an example of the customer experience with SMS CSAT. Customers receive an automated CSAT survey immediately after hanging up and reply with a score from 1 to 5. Contact centers can customize the survey text to fit their brand identity and messaging.

Why measure Mood?

Mood is a new concept that is totally unique to Talkdesk. Mood is the agent’s assessment of a customer’s emotional state at the end of the call. The combination of the customer’s reported satisfaction (CSAT) and the agent’s assessment of the customer’s emotional state (Mood) enable a much broader view of the service experience.

Ultimately, CSAT response rate is out of the contact center’s control because it is up to the customer to decide if he/she wants to reply. Mood is something that the contact center can control because it is submitted by the agent.

Below is an example of the agent experience with Mood. As part of the Call Summary screen which appears after the call has ended, agents are prompted to select one of three easy-to-understand emojis reflecting the customer’s mood.

How can I use Sentiment?

Talkdesk provides a full suite of reporting for Sentiment available in both the Talkdesk web application and Talkdesk for Salesforce. Call center supervisors can leverage these reports to gain a deeper understanding of the performance of their call center and individual agents.

For example, Sentiment can empower teams to identify negative customer experiences and proactively reach out to correct issues before they escalate. Previously, if a customer had a negative experience, the only way to indicate that was waiting through the end of a call for the survey. With Sentiment, they can express dissatisfaction easily through a text message, or the agent can even indicate that negative Mood for them. From there, the company can act fast to help the customer before their bad experience translates into churn.

Another great way to use Sentiment is to compare customer-provided CSAT scores with the Mood ratings that agents assign. If the agents are accurately predicting how the customers rate the experience, they can be identified as having a high degree of empathy. If they’re frequently misjudging caller experiences, they may need to undergo empathy training.

When can I begin using Sentiment?

Sentiment will be released into open beta on April 12, 2017 for all contact centers. Initially, SMS CSAT will be available for inbound calls (standard Talkdesk message rates apply) and Mood will be available for both inbound and outbound calls. Enabling and configuring Sentiment is self-service and can be done at any time without needing to contact Talkdesk.

Ready to try out Sentiment?