inside sales

Inside sales is equal parts art and science, with two seemingly competing goals: building personal connections with prospects and increasing the frequency of sales conversations. The best teams take advantage of the right tools to balance those priorities and find ways to increase both the quality and quantity of their sales opportunities.

Talkdesk has put together an evaluation form to help your team determine whether you’re getting the most out of your inside sales technology. The form walks through some of the basics of overall inside sales best practices and details new capabilities that are possible with emerging inside sales tools. This form also breaks down critical inbound and outbound process questions to make sure you’re making the most of all your prospect interactions.

Use this form to start a conversation about inside sales processes and identify gaps where a team could be converting more leads. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the questions on the evaluation form:

Is your inside sales team running transcription and voice analytics during calls to identify key moments in the conversation?
At Talkdesk, we believe the future of the intelligent contact center involves voice analytics that transcribe your conversation to identify important moments. By analyzing the words that are being said and the tone of the conversation, inside sales reps should be alerted to opportunities – for upselling, making a comparison to a competitor, referring materials – to hit their sales goals. If your contact center isn’t planning to use voice analytics to assist with sales calls, you might be letting this wave of AI enablement tools pass you by.

Is your inbound team able to pull up information on leads as a call is coming in?
Inbound opportunities are a great place to convert a prospect interest into revenue, but those leads can go cold quickly if the conversations take too long to get to their sales pitch. Contact center technology that identifies the caller and gives the sales rep their name, job function and information about their company is an easy way to skip the smalltalk and get right to the meat of the conversation. The sooner your reps can get past the introductions, the better their chance of converting a lead to a customer.

Is your outbound team adapting conversations to prospect responses in real time?
No two sales conversations are the same and reps who stick to the same script for every call are liable to run into issues connecting with prospects. Outbound callers are probably starting most sales calls similarly, but may need a way to identify the point where a conversation requires unique information. Intelligent tools can monitor the call in real time and pinpoint the right time to shift the conversation or recommend specific sales assets. Those outbound cold calls can be difficult to convert, the right contact center software can help.

To download our evaluation form, just click the button below. If you’d like to talk to a Talkdesk expert about how Talkdesk for Sales can help increase the quality and quantity of your sales conversations, set up a call with one of our experts.