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Opentalk 2017 was packed with thought leadership from some of the most customer-centric leaders and companies of our time. The Opentalk 2017 Video Library is your team’s chance to re-experience those speaking sessions. Here’s more information on one of the videos available in this library.

Guest Centricity and the Drive to be Heroic
Scott Kennedy – President of Financial and Retail Services, Target

In this session, Scott covers Target’s four truths of guest centricity:

1. Guest centricity prioritizes prevention over recovery. From Target’s perspective, it’s better to have guests not call customer support at all rather than call during problems. When a guest does have to call, they want the calls to be easy, include empowered agents and build a feedback loop to improve future customer experience.

2. Guest centricity requires advocacy, not just knowledge. Scott’s team uses Net Promoter Score PS as a common metric across all customer interactions. Immediate knowledge of customer issues from data that turns into a better understanding of the customer experience. If Target can turn detractors into promoters, those customers will be more loyal than if the company had just awarded a concession immediately.

3. Take care of the guest and the business will follow. In their customer feedback, most of Target’s guests listed a desire to have better self-service options. Target listened to them and redid their self-service portal according to customer needs, now the customers report an extremely high satisfaction.

4. Technology offers great tools, but it still take a human to be heroic. To lead by example, Scott routinely calls guests who are escalating incidents so he can listen to them and get a feel for what the agents are going through. Even if it means getting yelled at, he believes this is an important part of understanding the conversations agents are having. From the guest standpoint, nothing improves loyalty like having a human listen and empathize with your needs.

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