Customer Service Excellence Review Talkdesk

Sorry we missed you last week. Like many of you, I was promoting customer service excellence by treating myself to a long weekend away from it all! Sometimes all of us, including and especially customer service representatives, need a little break from the grind. Hopefully President’s Day weekend offered a welcome break. If it didn’t, try to think about carving out some time in the next few weeks.

Here we are again, another Customer Service Excellence Review. So what’s on the agenda this week? A little of this, a little of that, a whole lot of pursuit of customer service excellence. Let’s dive right in.

Learn The Secret of Exceptional Customer Service, By Consulting a TGI Friday’s Waitress

Forbes || February 22, 2016
Customer service thought leader Micah Solomon learned the meaning of customer service excellence at a Pittsburgh Airport TGI Friday’s when a waitress provided him with her personal “Tide To Go” pen after he spilled pasta sauce all over himself. As he put it, the waitress stepped away from her “generic, functional, task-driven” job description and stepped into her purpose as a customer service professional. Effective managers reward this kind of employee initiative and foster a culture of guest-centric values.

16 Statistics Shaping the Future of Customer Service

Customer Think || February 21, 2016
Take a data-driven approach to achieving customer service excellence by reviewing this data! These sixteen statistics should give you a sense of what the future of customer service looks like. My favorite? Number 10. “75% of companies view customer service as a competitive differentiator (up 18% in two years).”

5 Tips for Creating Unforgettable Customer Service

Massage Magazine || February 19, 2016
Companies across a variety of industries strive for customer service excellence. From SaaS to restaurants to online retailers, this aim remains constant. It’s unsurprising, then, that this post published by Massage Magazine offers much of the same advice as can be found on Talkdesk’s blog.  “Initiative feedback about customer support” and “Create a welcoming atmosphere” are no-brainers, no matter what kind of business you run.

Twitter Inc. Is Turning Into a Customer Service Platform

The Motley Fool || February 21, 2016
Social media is fast becoming a real-time customer communication platform. Twitter and Facebook are neck and neck, with Twitter maintaining a lead. Both platforms have already established themselves as popular channels for customers to reach out to companies. Now the brains behind the social media are adding features to empower companies to respond effectively. Customer service excellence at its best: adapting customer service methods to meet customers when and where they want to reach out.

4 Things You Need to Know As a Call Center Agent

Talkdesk || February 18, 2016

Customer service representatives are charged with serving as the face of their company’s brand. Their interactions with customers can make-or-break a business’ reputation. At Talkdesk, we make call center software, so our customer service representatives of choice are call center agents. This post outlines what it takes to be an excellent call center agent, but can apply broadly to all service professionals.

As always, I hope this week’s roundup has given you some food for thought. See you next week for Customer Service Excellence Review #17!