Talkdesk Customer Experience WeeklyIt’s Tuesday. You know what that means! Welcome back to the CXW, the once a week roundup of customer experience insights from around the web. Each week, we dive deep into a particular area of CX.

This week’s topic is the employee experience. How does the work environment and team morale impact the way customers perceive companies? What can be done to promote a customer-centric culture in the workplace?

Here’s what we found:

The Business Case for a Great Employee Experience

Annette Franz Gleneicki || Customer Think
This CXpert brought together the latest, greatest research on the impact of creating an excellent employee experience in this informative article. She demonstrates that there is a direct link between employee engagement and business outcomes. Even companies who don’t want to improve the employee experience just for the happiness of their employees, should still do it to improve the overall health of their business.

How Social Can Transform Your Employee Engagement Strategy

Darryl Villacorta || CMSwire
Social media has become a fact of life, both inside and outside the office. This article suggests that instead of trying to fight the employee urge to engage online, companies should leverage employees to promote brand awareness on the web. Employees can serve as effective evangelists for attracting customers with values in line with your business.

Happy Employees Make Happy Customers? Think Again

Chi-Pong Wong || VentureBeat
There has to be at least one opposing viewpoint in our roundup! Chi-Pong Wong of Hewlett-Packard argues that conventional wisdom is wrong and data points to employee experience negatively impacting customer experiences in many cases. Read the article and see if you agree with his assessment.

Employee experience

Why Customer Loyalty Depends on the Employee Experience

Veronica French || Talkdesk
Back in September 2015, Talkdesk hosted a webinar with customer service consultant Robert Spector on the employee experience. The essence of it was this: Happy, loyal employees inspire happy, loyal customers. Check out this post exploring the topic and then listen to the recording of the webinar.

That’s it for this week’s Customer Experience Weekly. Check back with us next Tuesday for more CX insights.