Talkdesk Customer Experience WeeklyWelcome to Talkdesk’s new Customer Experience Weekly series! This regular posting is an outgrowth of our last series, the Customer Service Excellence Review, which was itself an outgrowth of the Talkdesk Weekly Roundup.

The title, format and content have changed, but the song remains the same.

At Talkdesk, we are committed to improving the customer experience. That goes for our customers, our customers’ customers and all customers everywhere. For us, it started with examining the basics of customer service. Then we stepped up our game and starting looking for customer service excellence. Now, we’re setting our sights a little higher and reaching a little further.

The Customer Experience Weekly series is an examination of more than just service and support. We’ll be pulling content about all aspect of the customer experience, from marketing to sales to support to success.

Each week, we’ll pull insights from the web on some aspect of customer experience. Whereas the Customer Service Excellence Review was limited in scope to articles from the past week, the Customer Experience Weekly will disregard the fetters of time in favor of the bonds of subject matter.

In our first installment, our subject matter is simple. First things first. Let’s review the basics of customer experience.

Know the Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Experience

Bruce Jones || Harvard Business Review
The terms “customer experience” and “customer service” are sometimes used interchangeably. (Let’s not even get started on when they are used interchangeably with “customer success,” “customer support” and “customer happiness.”)This article carefully draws the distinction between customer service and customer experience and then provides a few tips on improving the customer experience.

7 Steps to Deliver Customer Experiences

Denise Lee Yohn || Harvard Business Review
This article discusses the importance of a unified approach to customer experience across teams in a company. Very often, businesses mistakenly believe customer experience is limited to marketing or support functions. The author clearly defines the concept and then enumerates the steps to developing a customer experience architecture.

Is Your Customer Experience Delightful or Effortless?

Maya Horowitz || Talkdesk blog
In customer experience circles, a bit of a debate has arisen between two schools of thought. One side claims that the secret to customer loyalty is to provide customers with an effortless experience. The other says that it’s delight that makes for the happiest customers. This blog posts lays out the differences between these types of experiences using real world examples. Looking for the perfect mix of approaches? Try filling your pool with pudding.

The 4 Most Important Customer Experience Metrics

Duff Anderson || iPerceptions
Customer experience can seem like an amorphous goal without data. As with any significant initiative, businesses should use metrics to benchmark, set goals and track improvement in customer experience. This article lays out a few of the many ways businesses can use data to keep tabs on their customer experience.

Now you know the ABCs of customer experience. Next time won’t you learn with me?