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Super Bowl Sunday is rapidly approaching and this year’s a big’un. Super Bowl 50: The Golden Super Bowl. The game is being played in the Bay Area this year, which really brings new meaning to “Let’s get ready to rumble.”

Talkdesk’s headquarters are here in beautiful downtown San Francisco. The whole Talkdesk team is prepping for the game – whether that means buying chips and dip, doing superstitious rituals or just trying to figure out where Queen B might be staying before she kills it at the halftime show.

So, in honor of the game that has made my commute considerably more squished, I thought I’d run down the starting line-up of call center software. Let’s imagine that your call center is a football team. Who (or what) plays each role?

The Ball = Customers

The ball itself is the most important thing in the game. It is, at once the most powerful and the most powerless object on the field. It relies completely on the help of the players to get where it’s going. Everything in the game revolves around that ball.

So who does the ball represent? Your customers are the football in your call center’s game. They are the heart of all the action and the center of all your attention. Your team cannot survive without taking care of that ball!

The Coach = Call Center Management

The life of a football coach can be stressful. They have a great view of the field but can’t fix problems directly. They have to leave it up to the players to do what needs to be done. One of their biggest strengths comes from their headset, from which they can send commands out to players.

So who’s the coach in your call center? This one’s a no-brainer: The call center manager is the one who’s presiding over all the goings on. He looks at the overall picture and makes recommendations to the call center agents. The coach’s headset is still a headset in this comparison. The call center manager can use call monitoring and call barging software to communicate with players on the field.

The Referee = Reporting Functionality

The referee is a behind-the-scenes player in the game. He’s there to make sure everything’s running smoothly. Most of the time, this can be accomplished by keeping his head up, but sometimes he needs to go to the instant replay.

So who’s the referee in your call center? Your call center software’s reporting functionality. This is an essential part of any call center software solution that enables both managers and agents to track their productivity. The numbers don’t lie, so there’s no disputing these calls.

Quarterback = IVR

The quarterback’s job is respond to cues on the field and deliver the ball to the appropriate receiver. It’s up to the quarterback to know who that person is.

So who serves as the quarterback in your call center? The interactive voice response system (IVR). The IVR’s job is to route customers to the resources they seek. This means listening to voice or dialed responses and then filtering the call.

Running Back/ Wide Receiver/ Tight End = Call Center Agents

These three positions exist to catch and/or carry the ball into the end zone. They’re the final step to a touchdown. When the center passes the quarterback the ball, the quarterback is looking for a running back, wide receiver or tight end. Which one he chooses depends on what’s happening on the field.

So who plays the role of ball-catcher/carrier? Your call center agents. They are the ones that are really putting in the work to score those touchdowns. Which one the IVR chooses is based on skills-based ring groups. Customers are sorted by the IVR and sent to the most appropriate ring group.

Touchdown = First Call Resolution

The goal of football, like most sports other than hacky sack, is to score. There’s only so many ways to score in football; the best one being the touchdown. Getting a touchdown means that the ball has been delivered where it needs to go for the maximum number of points.

So what’s the touchdown of your call center? A high score on the call center KPI first call resolution is the closest match to a touchdown your agents are going to get. First call resolution is when a customer’s call is resolved correctly on the first attempt without requiring escalation or a call back. In other words, your agents getting it right the first time. Victory dance!

There you have it. Football as a metaphor for call center software. Upon careful reflection, how’s your team doing? If your call center software was a football team, would it be here in San Francisco getting ready for the Super Bowl?

Not sure that your call center software is ready for the big leagues? Draft some new players. Test out Talkdesk’s call center software solution today.