Opentalk 2017

There are other customer heroes like you. There are other people who thrive in the thankless work of assisting customers thoroughly and promptly. Talkdesk is bringing these heroes together next April for Opentalk 2017 to discuss and reshape trends in customer communication. Opentalk is the premiere event for customer service experts, pulling out all the stops to treat you with the same level of outstanding care that you deliver to your customers.

Opentalk is a revolutionary event designed to bring together employees from different customer experience functions who believe in real-time communication as the only way to provide superior customer experience. This year’s show will focus on today’s most pressing customer service topics: the use of bots, omnichannel vs. multichannel support, CSAT improvement and customer loyalty.

Here’s a quick rundown of the details:

  • Dates: April 25 -26, 2017
  • Location: Regency Center in San Francisco
  • 100+ Speakers offering actionable knowledge
  • 50+ Sponsors showing off the latest customer experience tools


If you’re wondering who else will be at the Opentalk Summit, take a look at this year’s speaker lineup. It’s full of CEOs, COOs, SVPs and other support-specific leaders from companies like Salesforce, Twilio, LinkedIn, Wells Fargo, Netflix and, of course, Talkdesk. If any part of your job involves communicating with customers or managing agents who communicate with customers, there’s a session for you.

The best part of having all these impressive speakers at the show is that they’re also available to speak with during the show. The schedule is full of opportunities to interact with these high-profile personalities to get advice, exchange ideas and build relationships.

If joining the customer support revolution sounds attractive to you, you can take advantage of early bird tickets until January 15. For others who find leading that revolution more exciting, there are also VIP passes that allow access to exclusive events and areas at the show.

More details about the Opentalk Summits can be found on the speaker and session playlists from Opentalk 2016. It’s a great way to re-live last year’s show and start preparing for the one to come.