outbound caller ID

Outbound salespeople who work with the San Francisco Bay Area may have felt a disturbance in the force last Saturday. The newly-introduced 628 area code went into effect one minute after midnight, sending shockwaves through landlines, cell phones and call centers alike.

The 628 area code hits call centers hardest in the outbound caller ID feature. But first things first: what the heck is outbound caller ID?

Outbound caller ID helps increase connection rates (and therefore sales) because recipients are more willing to pick up a call from an unknown number if that number is from the same area code as they are.

What’s better than outbound caller ID?

Automatic outbound caller ID. Let your call center software do the work for you. Instead of having reps manually pick which number to display, have your solution choose. This reduces the chance of error and eases the burden on reps, particularly those that are making a large number of calls per day.

How does any of this relate to the new 628 area code?

The way outbound caller ID boosts sales is by displaying familiar numbers to call recipients. Now that 628 has made its debut, it’s going to become pretty familiar. Sales teams that reach out to prospects in the Bay Area need to make friends with the new kid on the block if they want to keep their connection rates up.

Where do I get one of these newfangled 628 phone numbers?

Here’s hoping you’re a Talkdesk customer. Our advanced call center software makes purchasing new phone numbers easy. One click and you’re good to go. Not only that, but our helpful Director of Customer Support, Scott Allison, posted to our Knowledge Base last week about using Talkdesk to get hip with the 628.

Happy outbound calling to you and your sales reps! May the 628 be with you.